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“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” ― Kahlil Gibran

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Lime Crime Matte Velvetine Review and Swatches

Talk about confusing.

Just try looking up reviews on this brand and you’ll get anything from “it’s the most amazing lipstick ever” to “this brand is evil, and has to be stopped” (not an actual review BTW, I’m just summing up the overall opinions of the negative reviews).  One things for sure, this brand has reputation.  The question is, which reputation to believe.  I was undecided.

So when Lime Crime recently had a 75% off sale, I decided to take advantage and see what all the hype was about for myself.

Before I begin, let me say that I will not be getting into any of the accusations that were directed at this brand.  I haven’t done enough research to comfortably state whether the statements are true or just gossip.  However, the information is easily found on the internet and around the beauty community, in case you wanted to read and form an opinion of your own.

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Spotlight Showcase! The Products I Wish I Had Money to Buy

Well, as much as I love beauty products, I’m not blessed with all the money in the world to afford to buy everything I want (And I got to say, it hurts a bit).  This means I can’t review them or show them off to my readers, and that’s just not right, because some of these products need to be seen and fully appreciated.

I mean, just because I can’t afford them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the chance to own them.  So I wanted to take a moment to mention a few products that I instantly fell in love with and hope to one day own.

Remember, I haven’t tried these products so I can’t guarantee they are as awesome as they look.  I am not affiliated with these companies and I haven’t been paid to promote or advertise these products.  I’m just a girl who loves beauty products!

For the Movie Lovers

The “Pirates of The Caribbean” Collection by Lorac

A tribute to the latest edition of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie series, this collection includes; an 18-pan palette of sexy, sultry shadows with a smokey black eyeliner; a cheek palette with several blushing hues, and 6 colorful, double ended lip colors.

With so many varying degrees of finishes and shades, this collection looks very versatile.

The collection items are sold separately, and can be purchased on most major beauty websites.

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The”Beauty and the Beast” Collection by Lorac

Another incredible collection that appeals to both the beauty and movie lovers out there.

I can definitely see how the creator chose the shades for this palette.  The earthy and regal tones are very reminiscent of the elegant backgrounds and characters in the fairy tale.   From Royal Blue to Majestic Yellow, these shades remind you of a royal garden.  The collection consists of a palette with 16 shadows; a 4 pan cheek set of peaches and pinks; 5 piece lipstick set; and 5 piece lip gloss set.

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Magical Makeup and Accessories

Storybook Cosmetics’ Wizardry and Witchcraft Eyeshadow Palette and Cosmetic Wizard Wands

Storybook Cosmetics has this beautiful, highly-pigmented eyeshadow palette.  It has 12 shades with a mix of mattes, metallic and pearl finishes.  The palette itself is protected by a gorgeous hardcover storybook case, which is just so awesome.  The palette costs US$52 and can be found on the Storybook Cosmetics website.

The brand also sells the most amazingly unique makeup brushes for US$55 a set.  Put down the unicorn and mermaid themed makeup brushes for a second and take a look at these….

Shiny and Shimmery

Blackened Metallic Liquid to Matte Lipstick by Black Moon Cosmetics

The new mattes that are hitting the market need to be metallic and fierce – and Black Moon Cosmetics hasn’t backed down from the challenge.  They’ve created 5 powerful shades from the color spectrum, which will inspire you to be daring and vivacious.  Buy them individually for US$18, or get the collection of all 5 for US$80.  You’ll also want to check out there gorgeous shadows.  Find it on the Black Moon website.

Coming Soon!

Colour Changing Creams by Chaos Cosmetics

snip_20170602224352.pngI don’t even think I have to describe how awesome this is…

Chaos Cosmetics is working on a line of colour creams that change with the temperature!  Even though no launch date has been released, the product is already garnering tons of hype.  I’m guessing this will eventually be sold on the Chaos Cosmetics website along with their many other heavenly, color shifting shadows and highlighters.

Check the video out on


And there it is…

I’m sure there is so much more, but for now these are just a few of my favorite things.   I hope they interested you as much as they did me!

If you have any unique products or brands that you think I might be interested in, put the link in the comments and I’m sure I’ll fall in love with those too.  Or if you’ve tried any of these, make me jealous and tell me how great they are.

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Milani Cosmetics Review

In my city, we have one drugstore that sells a very limited amount of Milani Cosmetics, so when I get a chance to go to the U.S., I make sure I swing by the local Walmart where they usually sell a few more items.

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