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Maybeline Dream Velvet Foundation

Heads Up:

First thing I want to say is that I just found out that Maybelline is part of the L’Oreal brand, which is owned by Nestle.  I had purchased these products before knowing this.  I’m pretty disappointed, because I did like their products, but I’m currently boycotting Nestle due to unethical actions regarding water supplies.

As a devil’s advocate, I will say that they are not the only corporation that pumps large amounts of water, but they seem to be the worst offender involving their water collection, fair payment for the amount they take, and the impact they are having on communities.  Nestlé’s Chairman once infamously declared that “access to water should not be a public right.”

Water should not be considered a commodity, and governments should be taking a more active role in preventing corporations from taking advantage.  As tax payers, we should not be paying more for our water consumption than a company – which pays ridiculously low costs for our water and sells it back to us at ridiculously high prices.

Since not everybody will care about the Nestle business practices, I’m going to review the product without bias, however, if you want to be a more informed consumer, its easy to find information on Nestle’s unethical behavior involving water.

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