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Missha Essence Review

I’ve been curious about K-beauty for a really long time. For anyone not familiar, K-Beauty is short for Korean Beauty – specifically, South Korean.

Supposedly, its considered to have a superior approach to skincare by many in the beauty industry. The question is whether this is just hype or not?

They seem to focus on using more natural, unique ingredients; like bee venom, or snail mucous (uhm…..?)

I’m not super familiar with all the various brands, but I had heard some good things about “Missha”, so I figured I’d give them a shot.

*Missha is against animal testing.

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September “Boxy Baddie” Boxycharm Review

It’s almost time for my October Boxycharm to come, and despite the craziness and stress of this month, I think I have had enough time to try out my products and give my honest review on the September package.

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Kat Von D’s Saint and Sinner Perfumes

This month, I got home from a long week of camping to a surprise box at my door. Yes, thanks to the people at Influenster, I’ve been lucky enough to try Kat Von D’s latest two fragrances – “Saint” and “Sinner”.  I hadn’t even realized I had been selected to sample these perfumes, and let me tell you, I was ridiculously excited when I opened the package to find them.

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BH Cosmetics’ Modern Matte Eyeshadow Palette Swatches & Review

In my very humble opinion, I think that if you love creating make up looks, its important to have a few varying colors of matte shades to work with.  I’ve been in serious need of matte shadows, but finding a decent matte at a decent cost is no small task.  And lately, my funds are limited.

Luckily, the world has BH Cosmetics to come to the rescue!  A company that I love simply because it allows a broke girl like me to indulge in my beauty addiction.

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Spotlight Showcase! The Products I Wish I Had Money to Buy

Well, as much as I love beauty products, I’m not blessed with all the money in the world to afford to buy everything I want (And I got to say, it hurts a bit).  This means I can’t review them or show them off to my readers, and that’s just not right, because some of these products need to be seen and fully appreciated.

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