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“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” ― Kahlil Gibran

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Take The Best Shot With What You Got

Yes, I’m not going to lie, it would be fantastic to own a high-end SLR camera with a 65x optical zoom lens, and state-of-the-art image capturing technology (hint, hint to my fairy godmother); but, for the average amateur photographer, carrying around a big, expensive camera all the time, wherever you go, is not exactly practical or affordable. For most of us, we tend to use the camera we have on hand. That camera is usually the one built into our smartphones.


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Lime Crime Matte Velvetine Review and Swatches

Talk about confusing.

Just try looking up reviews on this brand and you’ll get anything from “it’s the most amazing lipstick ever” to “this brand is evil, and has to be stopped” (not an actual review BTW, I’m just summing up the overall opinions of the negative reviews).  One things for sure, this brand has reputation.  The question is, which reputation to believe.  I was undecided.

So when Lime Crime recently had a 75% off sale, I decided to take advantage and see what all the hype was about for myself.

Before I begin, let me say that I will not be getting into any of the accusations that were directed at this brand.  I haven’t done enough research to comfortably state whether the statements are true or just gossip.  However, the information is easily found on the internet and around the beauty community, in case you wanted to read and form an opinion of your own.

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Waiting on a Life Sentence

These last four days haven’t been easy on her. She was putting on a brave face, smiling through terse lips. Her hazel eyes were glassy and tired – strained from holding back a flood of tears. I looked to her, trying to find a way to ease her anguish, but when she caught me searching, she’d turn a way from my gaze and bury her pain down deeper.

This was how my mother had been my whole life. She had always tried to protect us from the darker truths of life, but we were older now and this was a truth we could not escape. No amount of denial could change the fact that she was facing a possible death sentence…


Kidney Cancer to be specific. She had apparently first felt something was wrong about a year ago. She had told our family doctor, who had proceeded to run the regular tests, determined it to be inflamation, and prescribed her an antibiotic – or at least that’s what she told me tester ray when I asked her how long this had been going on for. Then, about two months ago, she had found blood in her urine, and one more time a month ago. They sent her to a specialist, who gave her a preliminary verdict, “It’s cancer.”
He wouldn’t give her details though until he knew for sure, because apparently the best thing for a doctor to do for a person facing a possible cancer diagnosis is to let their imagination play out possible scenarios of whats to come.

It had been four days ago now. It felt longer than that though – more like weeks ago. I had tried to be strong and helpful, reassuring and comforting, but inside I felt very selfish.

How would I go on without her? How could I hold it together if something happened to her? What would I do without my mother? I wanted to give into my anxiety and panic attacks; crawl into bed and let my depression take hold, but then who would pull me out of it? Not my mother, who was the one who usually shouldered the responsibility.

So I just kept swallowing my selfishness and fear. So many times I caught myself holding my breath, and had to remind myself to breath. At times, my thoughts would wander down darker paths and would play out scenarios of possible futures without my mother – like, what I would need to do to arrange her funeral, or how I would handle my father dating a new woman. I thought about possible treatments – would I need to give her my kidney? She could have it in a second, but would that mean I would need to cancel my bariatric surgery that I had been waiting over a year for? Can you have bariatric surgery with just one kidney?

I would try to shake those thoughts out of my head and focus on the here and now. It was really illogical to jump to so many conclusions, but my anxiety tried to make me face all scenarios.

Then my heart would ache, as I wondered what must be racing through her head. There was nothing I could do to take those thoughts away. I couldn’t promise her everything would be okay, because I couldn’t guarantee that.

Then there was my aunt. Her memory which once invoked a bitter-sweet longing, had transformed into a threatening foreboding. She had passed on eleven years ago, from a rare cancer that had taken her eye before spreading to her kidneys and taking her life.

My grandmother was not to know what was going on, my mother declared. She hadn’t been well and my mother was worried her 88 year old heart could not handle the idea of losing another daughter.

So everyday, for four days, we carried on with our regular lives, acting as if we weren’t concerned, while feeling as though we were balancing on the edge of a cliff.

Tuesday rolled around – the day of her test. I had set my alarm so I could pretend I casually woke up in time to see her off. The whole test took about an hour and a half, and when she came home and walked through the door, she had a half smile on her face.

I felt a rush of happiness go through me, but it was only for a second, then I saw her eyes start to water and she swallowed down a lump in her throat.

“Are you okay then?” I asked cautiously.

She smiled again and shrugged. “He doesn’t know. He wants to do more tests.”

Waiting on a Life Sentence – Part 2

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Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara Review 

It sounds like a super hero, doesn’t it?  The Mega Multiplier: With its powerful 360° tube technology, it creates a force field of water resistant fibers that wrap around your lashes – Saving your beauty look, one lash at a tiiiiimmmmeeee!

It kind of looks important too.  Its comes in a more oval tube rather than round; the cap is a strong, vibrant teal colour; and its name is emblazened on the front with a clean and simple, solid, white print.

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Self- Tanner – The Oompa Loompa Blunder

Last month, I got a sunburn after only working two hours in the yard.  I was wearing an SPF 60 that I had lathered on every hour.  Also, I’ve been known to get a burn during the winter months.  Light will literally bounce back off my skin and temporarily blind anyone standing around me.  

Needless to say, I’m white.  So there’s been times in the past that – as most fair maidens do – I have dreamed of not being a giant highlighter on the beach during the summer months.  When this happens, no matter how many times I’ve foolishly done it before, I will turn to self-tanners in hopes they will finally deliver on their promises.  

But this was not one of those times.  THIS WAS AN EVEN DUMBER MOMENT!  

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