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Simple, Yet Overlooked Mascara Tricks

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Most people use mascara – its a fundamental in a basic makeup look and it’s pretty straightforward, right?

True, but there are a few things you can do to make your lashes and mascara look its best.  Here’s a few basic tricks I’ve learned over the years on how to get the best looking lashes for your makeup look.

And the first one is: CARE FOR YOUR LASHES!

Hopefully, you’re still young, have lots of lashes to flutter and frame your eyes, and this advice is getting to you early enough. Having thick, voluminous lashes really gives your face a more youthful look. That’s why mascara and falsies have such a big niche in the cosmetics industry. Lashes don’t grow as quick as hair. The more that fall out, the sparser they get, and the more of a struggle it is to make them look thick and long.


  • Needlessly pulling them out
  • Leave your mascara on overnight, which can cause over-drying
  • Apply any product that is not made for eye use, for the safety of your vision
  • Apply heat or get too close to an open flame


  • Use an eye makeup remover to take off mascara or apply a natural oil (such as coconut oil) – and not a standard soap or face soap, which can dry out and damage your lash follicle
  • Clean your eyes gently – don’t rub back and forth roughly to get your eye shadow and mascara off.
  • Check out lash growth/vitamin serums that can help repair and nourish the follicle.
  • An eyelash curler should be used before applying mascara to prevent your lashes from getting stuck to the surface and being ripped out

Purchasing A Good Mascara

Okay, so next I would like to talk about purchasing mascara – and it goes without saying that this is only my opinion and personal observations:

There is a lot of mascara out there. Multiple products with edgy names, that are in packages with vibrant colours and embossed lettering. The shelves are overfilling with tubes claiming to have state of the art wands with the newest breakthrough in formula; that gives you 6x, 8x, and even 10x the length and volume. Honestly, I find the advertising claims to be downright laughable. I don’t think to myself, “10x is too long, but 6x just ain’t long enough”.

I, personnally, just want to know:

  1. Is it waterproof
  2. Is it in the colour I want
  3. Is the wand easy to use
  4. Will my lashes look more dramatic
  5. Will it sting my eyes

The only way to know the answer to most of these questions is to read reviews or buy and try. Don’t get confused with over the top marketing.

I’ve tried quite a few mascaras in the last year, and these are my top favs:

  1. “Better Than Sex” by Too Faced $23 CAD
  2. “Lights, Camera, Action” by Tarte $30 CAD
  3. “Big & False Lash Volume” by Avon $9 US
  4. “Mega Multiplier” by Revlon $6 US
  5. “Great Lash” by Maybelline $5 CAD


Application Tricks

You take your wand out, give your lashes a coat and try not to blink until its dry, right? Yep, that pretty much gets mascara on your eyelashes, but a few extra steps will give you so much more of an impact.

Some things you may want to remember:

  • I see a lot of people not applying their mascara as close to the base as possible. They don’t realize they’ve missed the bottom part of the lash and are applying only to 3/4 of the lash.
  • Secondly, people either only apply one coat, or they apply their other coats before the first coat has dried, usually this can lead to lashes sticking together and the mascara looking clumpy

Step 2

  • Using an eyelash curler will bring your eyelashes higher and open up your eyes more





  • If your lashes stick together, get yourself a lash comb
  • People tend to forget about applying mascara to the shorter lashes on the inside and outer corners, and on the bottom lash line, so don’t forget about these areas.

step 3b

  • When applying your mascara, rotate the wand slowly as you comb the lash – this will ensure an even coat




step 3

  • On the second application drag it slightly to the left and right – back and forth – as you sweep outwards – which will help spread the lashes out and give you volume



Finally, if mascara is just not giving you the look you want, you may want to consider false eyelashes or extensions.  There are plenty of companies that sell “falsies”, just be aware of what the lashes are made of.  Some of them use mink, and if you are an animal lover, I would advise you to avoid these and go with a synthetic lash – which can look just as great.


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