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Neon Design for Eyeshadow

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Ok.  So have you seen this look on Insragram?

Yeah, I thought it was extremely cool and had to see if I could duplicate it.

Obviously this isn’t an everyday look.  In fact, I doubt I would ever wear it, but I needed to know how it was done.  So I set to work, studying various “how to” blogs and numerous Youtube videos.  I has the fundamentals mesmerized, and I went to work.

Now at this point I wish I could show you pictures, but I must have deleted them.  It was really bad though.  The lines were too wide and the black eyeshadow was everywhere.  Total fail.

I gave up, but it gnawed away at my brain. The bloggers and Youtubers made it look so straightforward.  So I re watched the videos and tried again.  FAIL!

Again, I thought I’d give up on it – I mean, like I said, when would I ever even wear it? – but again, it nibbled away at my thoughts.  Third times the charm.

So, here’s the closest I’ve gotten to the neon look.  It’s not great by any means, but it’s far better luck then I’ve had so far.

I’m no longer a fan of this concept.  Lol.  Granted, a makeup artist and professional camera could do it a helluva lot better, but for the everyday person – this can be a mess.

Even if you get the look, it doesn’t fit in with most backgrounds or lighting.  At a bar or night club it would be to dark to see.  I tried to take a picture in just about every room in my house and outside and could not find anything that accented this look.  A close up on the eyes makes it look cool, but when you look at the whole face, it just looks messy (that tends to be how I feel about black shadow).

It ain’t my thang, but if you think you might be able to rock this look – learn from my mistakes:

  • If you choose to go with a black lid, use a black cream base and setting spray.
  • Use bright, matte shadows and use a very light touch with your blending.
  • Use a Liquid white eyeliner, not a concealer or eyeliner pencil.
  • Don’t attempt if you don’t have any narrow, small eyeshadow brushes, and eyeliner brushes.
  • Don’t take it to seriously.

Do you have tips or how to’s for this look?  Feel free to add in comments.  I always want to learn.


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