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Arabian Nights

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Well I am way to fair skinned to properly pull off the Arabian princess look.  But these colours sparked a vision of a sunset in the desert.



I used 2 palettes for this: The Sleek “Sunset Palette” and BH Cosmetics v6 palette.  Since I was working with darker shades, I left my foundation until the end so that it wouldn’t get speckled with eyeshadow fallout.




  1.  If you colour in your eyebrows (I have to because I colored my hair brown and I have blonde eyebrows) do that first.
  2. Apply tape to outer parts of the eye to prevent blending from extending to far outwards.
  3. Apply primer or concealer to eyes area.
  4. Using a fine angled brush, starting at the lash line, dab on the first colour (9D) in a line from the inside of the eye to the tape.
  5. Continue applying colour layer upon layer: bottom to top; 9D, 12B, S2, S4, S5
  6. Blend the colours into each other, very gently, just to soften the lines.
  7. Add a black, wing tip eyeliner to the outer corner and up along the tape line
  8. Apply a Kohl black liner to the wetline, and bring the 12B to the bottom eyelash line – sweeping it gently along the wing tip.
  9. Add your mascara, and complete the rest of your look!

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