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France Makes Giant Leap in Fashion Modelling



This is a huge one folks.  In the country which is world renown for its fashion runways and trendsetting designs, a new law has been passed that may very well change the beauty world forever.

France has banned anyone from modelling who is unhealthily thin and below their standard BMI as set by the World Health Organization.  Models of runway and fashion, will be required to provide a doctor’s certificate which proves they are healthy and within the range.

“Anorexia is believed to affect up to 40,000 people in France, 90 % of whom are women, and there have been several controversies over the use of excessively thin models in advertising.” – Independent

The proposal of this legislation was initially put forth back in 2015, and has just recently come into effect.  Those who support the law have also thrown support behind punishing employers who violate this law with a $80,000 fine.

So here’s where I stand on this issue…

Obviously, I’m absolutely ecstatic! This is such a great thing.  However, it makes me wonder…

Tess Holiday, a size 24, has recently made headlines and is being promoted as a step forward in advertising.   Plus-size modelling and clothing has become more mainstream, and people tend to cheer it on as part of the “body acceptance movement.”   As an overweight woman, I love the fact that plus size modelling and plus size fashion is more mainstream, but is it okay to cheer on plus-size modelling (models who are above the BMI) while simultaneously condemning those models who are super-thin?

I like the fact that a doctor’s certificate is required to approve the health of an individual.  Some people are genetically disposed to being under the standard BMI, just like some people are genetically disposed to being over the standard BMI.  You can be not an average size and still be healthy.  To be fair, this ban should include those models who are over the BMI as well (of course, I don’t think they have many of those in France, but for consideration by other countries who may do a similar ban).

The best part of this law….

And the part that is being drastically under reported on, is that all digitally altered photos will need to be labelled as such.  ISN’T THAT AWESOME!!!

I love that they have done this and I hope it becomes the standard internationally.  Too many young girls are sacrificing their health, trying to reach unattainable goals of beauty.  Even the models who pose could never look like they do in those images.

I should also add, with great enthusiasm…

Israel, Spain and Italy are also drawing up similar bans and the UK has been encouraged to do so as well.

So where do you stand?

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4 thoughts on “France Makes Giant Leap in Fashion Modelling

  1. That is a huge step for France, and the modeling world in general! All countries need this law!!

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  2. This is so very controversial… I mean, like how do you judge who is unhealthy thin??? Like me, I weight 60 kg being 170, but I look like im 40kg… everybody are concerned that I eat little and that I am too skinny, but the fact is that I eat really a lot including pizzas and some other not super healthy snacks… And so all these people who say I am extra thin and look unhealthy are wrong as in fact I am actually totally normal… So how they will judge it in France… I will never know…
    Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

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