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Delving into the Social Media Whirlpool

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I haven’t posted – not really – in over a week.

I was trying to blog everyday.  That way I could enter the Blogging world with a flourish, but there was a lot to learn – there is a lot to learn.

First, I joined Blogger, but it seemed that all the articles on blogging seemed to point towards WordPress.  So, I decided to join WordPress.

Reading articles and trying to learn how to start off on a good foot, took up a lot of time.  For someone who hardly ever goes on the computer, except to visit Youtube, Facebook and catch up on my news, everything is very overwhelming.  I realized quickly that doing Beauty Reviews was very short sighted.  I have no money to buy products to review.  lol.

So I started to scour stores for samples and hit up my friends for their make up to review.  I took to review clubs and websites that offered samples to see if I could get deals on products.  Review Clubs have been around for awhile, I think, and that was something else I had to learn to use.  These websites put a lot of importance on social media and they look at what social platforms you belong too.



So, I signed up to Twitter, and can I just say….AHHHHHHH!!!!

How do people keep their sanity with these sites?  I don’t know any of the slang or abbreviations, and I have never sent out a hashtag in my life.  People shoot out random statements and half of conversations to some unknown tweeter that I am not privy to know.  I started searching makeup conversations and signing up for giveaways.  I added “followers” and started “following” twitter giveaway accounts.  First day, I got a “Congratulations” award and slapped in the face by a scam site.   Okay, so I picked myself up again and dived back in.

There is a lot to digest and process.  I found a few makeup giveaway accounts that seem legit.  Their followers seem to be a community of young-twenty-some year olds, trying to build up a network for business endeavors.  They request “retweets” and “follows” to qualify for entries.  They choose who wins by who is active to their tweets, so I selected the little bell on their bio to get notifications, and I try to participate as much as possible – which is a crazy amount.  These girls are very busy and ambitious.  My phone is buzzing almost 24/7.

Other makeup giveaways asked for people to follow on Instagram.  So away I went to Instagram to figure that out.    Once I figured it out, I actually really liked it, but for a few problems, one being why in the heck have they not made it easier to repost pictures?; and the other problem being – its too effective.

Now, not only did I not have money to buy products, but I knew which products I was missing out on….


On top of everything, my family has taken to being very irritated with me for the amount of time I’ve been staring at my phone or on the computer.  I’ve tried to explain to them that it’s so I can build up a blog, and they look at me like….


So that’s what I’ve been up to for the last week.  I am trying out a skincare line and hoping to give you a complete review by mid-June.  I also have a few make up products coming in.  Plus, I went through my makeup box and got rid of garbage makeup, such as lipstick and eye shadow that I never use.  Some of it I combined to make a few new playtime lipsticks.  This one I really liked, but have no clue how I made it.


I’ve been working on a few make up looks.

I’m trying to figure out the cut-crease but it’s not going too well, lol.  This is the best I could do so far.  Where do you think I’m going wrong?


Hoping to be putting my effort back into writing soon.  It’s what I love most.  Even writing this blog is relaxing me – or its the bottle of Malbec I’m drinking :).  Either way, I’m relaxed.  lol.

Have a great night!!


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