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The Latest Beauty Trend…Eyebrow Wigs?

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Recently, I’ve been seeing a large amount of posts spilling onto Twitter about the “latest and greatest” beauty tool – Eyebrow Wigs!

Truthfully, these aren’t all that new.  It’s just another form of prosthetics, which have been used in theatrical makeup for decades.  Over the years, they have been refined for more cosmetic uses, such as for people who have lot their hair due to chemo.

For some reason, they’ve recently blown up on the internet, which is not really all that surprising since there has been a huge focus on eyebrows in the cosmetic industry.  However, these extensions are designed to look as natural as possible, and this kind of leaves me scratching my head and wondering why people are so interested.  I mean, I prefer a more natural looking brow, but most beauty stars and followers seem to prefer the strong, dramatic brow and these extensions weren’t designed that way….yet.

Since these brows require spirit glue to apply, does this mean we’ll be seeing large masses of people ripping out the wrong eyebrow hairs or shaving them completely off?

It will be a very interesting trend to watch unfold.  Let me know what you think of this trend.  Willing to give it a try?


One thought on “The Latest Beauty Trend…Eyebrow Wigs?

  1. never heard of it. I guess it is good for girls with very light brows.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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