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*New* NeoStrata Anti-Aging Peel Solution

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The latest at home, facial peel system has just showed up at my local drugstore.  It claims to be a one-step professional grade peel that’s safe enough for home use.  It boasts the ability to give you the look of younger skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles; promoting skin elasticity and firmness; tightening and minimizing pores; smoothing skin texture; and encouraging skin absorption.  I decided to get a sample so I could give you some initial impressions.

I think its hard to give a fair and accurate review of the benefits of a skincare product after only one use, but this is a face peel, so it should have more dramatic results than other types of skincare products – and, at the very least I can give my initial impression and if I think it might be worth it or not.

The company boasts:


  • WRINKLES look up to -16% reduced
  • FIRMNESS significant improvement by up to + 64%
  • ELASTICITY significant improvement by up to + 55%

¹Clinical study conducted by an independent laboratory, 31 subjects, application of the Anti-aging Peel Solution every 2 days for 42 days

*taken off the NeoStrata website.

The product is a liquid that comes in a white, glass container with an eye dropper applicator.  It contains 20% hydroxy acids, 5% fruit enzymes, and 1.5% anti-aging peptide complex.



First, I cleaned my face and dried it.  Then, using a swab of cotton, I applied the serum to my face.  As soon as it touched my face I felt a cool, menthol tingle across my skin.  The vapor actual made my eyes water a bit, but it wasn’t bad at all.

I’ve tried other facial peels at home.  The Strivectin facial peel actually has lower AHA levels and it made my skin very red for 24 hours – as most skin peels would. After rinsing the NeoStrata off, I noticed hardly any red areas.  

The product rinsed off clean and the menthol feeling remained.  I dried my face and applied the NeoStrata post procedure repair cream.  The repair cream currently comes as part of the package, but I’m not sure if this is just a promotional deal or not.  


My face occasionally tingled in different spots for the next hour, so I’m pretty sure the product was doing something.  It felt smooth and soft to the touch, and I never saw any redness or other skin issues occur. It didn’t even seem to irritate my acne prone areas as some re texturing products do.

It is pricey, but less costly than other at home peel systems.  For CA$78, you get 40ml of product – compared to, say, the Strivectin 5 minute Weekly Glycolic Peel that is CA$121 for 50ml.  However, in order to get similiar results to the clinical trials, you need to use the product every two days, and the Strivectin you would use once weekly.

I’m feeling pretty optimistic that this product would help the texture of the skin with long term use, and I think I prefer it to the Strivectin Face Peel.  However, ultimately time will be the deciding factor.

Has anyone else tried this product or other at home facial peels?  If so, what did you think?


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