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Learning Tips for the Novice Beauty Babe

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I would never describe myself as a beauty guru or expert – far from it!  I’m not a person who walks out the door looking perfectly put together every day.   I don’t spend hours daily on my face and hair.  And I certainly don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on makeup and products on a monthly basis (although, I do spend quite a bit on my make up addiction).  I’ve never taken a make up course, but I would really like too.  I’m definitely not going to be an Instagram Star anytime soon.And I can safely say that I can’t see myself developing the latest beauty trend or having 1 million followers sometime in this lifetime.

But I do love beauty products!  And I love to watch beauty experts show off their talents.  I think a lot of the make up looks out there are beautiful, creative and artsy.  But are they practical?  And do they work as a one-size-fits-all?  No.

There are a lot of everyday people out there like me who like make up, but who can’t really get into the concepts the beauty industry are selling.  So when people want to learn about make up looks, they can either be overwhelmed, disappointed by the end results, or be turned off before they even start.  So, I figured I’d share a few tips that I found helpful when teaching myself make up, for any other amateurs who want to learn about make up, but aren’t going to be walking down the runway or posing for a photo shoot.

  1.  GET FAMILIAR WITH YOUR FACIAL FEATURES: It makes it a lot easier to find looks and products that you like if you know the kind of canvas you’re working on.  A couple of features about your face that you may want to know is:
    • Facial Shape – helps to; pick out hair cut styles, know where to contour or highlight, get more familiar with your bone structureq
    • Eye Shape: certain eye shadow looks look better on certain eyes.  Knowing your eye shape, not only helps you find ideas that will accentuate your face, but it can also provide you with great techniques, work-arounds and tips for your eyes shapes.  makeup_types-of-eyes_2-2.png
    • Skin Types, Shades and Undertones: It’s important to know what your skin type is.  Do you have dry, oily, combination skin?  Also, most people are familiar with their skin shade – such as; fair, medium or dark – but, there are also the undertones that should be considered.  Knowing your undertones will help you pick out the right shade of foundation, blush, contouring and bronzer powders – and it will help you pick out colours for your outfits.  A good rule of thumb is that if your veins look blue, then you are cool; and if they look green, then you are warm.  If you’re not sure, talk to a make up representative and if they are any good, they should be able to help you.4c5b848724c3a70b6e4b42c0c3357c2c
    • Cheek bone structure, Eyebrow shape, and lip shape are also nice to know but not usually focused on as much in online beauty lessons.
  2. KNOW YOUR STYLE: There are so many beauty gurus out there right now, and you can pick ones that either have similar physical features to you or similar taste preferences.   You don’t have to take make up advice from a guru who loves sparkles, glitter, and unicorns if you’re more like the black lipstick, tongue piercing, studded choker kind of girl/guy.  There are plenty of options to choosesnakeoil-salesman.jpg from.
  3. THEIR WORD IS NOT GOSPEL:  When a beauty blog/vlogger raves about a beauty item, don’t just accept it as the miracle product.  There are a lot of very trustworthy and honest beauty product reviewers out there, but there is a lot of them who are just there to try and get you to buy a product so they can make money.  Get a few opinions online, and look at the comments added to see if other people agree.  Ultimately, just like any other service field out there, you are going to trust the word of certain blog/vloggers over others based on your experience with them.
  4. DUPES ARE YOUR FRIENDS:  There are a lot of amazing brands out there with quality products, but those products can be pricey.  If you are just learning make up and want to experiment with looks, try out some cheaper companies that sell a bulk variety of colours for less – like BH Cosmetics or Coastal Scents.  The eye shadows they sell are no match in quality to high end make up (sorry BH Cosmetics) but they sell palettes of 120 shades and its not going to cost you a fortune well your figuring out what looks you like.  When you are ready to add some higher quality items, start with a small purchase from a brand name, that way you can figure out if you like them for yourself without breaking the bank.
  5. JUST BECAUSE ITS A TREND, DOESN’T MAKE IT A GOOD ONE:  Ever hear of the “Seagull” hairstyle?”  How about “Parachute Pants”, “Fishbowl Platforms”, “The Mullet?”  Just because its the latest, greatest fad, doesn’t make it right.  For example, the strong, clean-edged, eyebrow trend – it’s a great look, but some people try to mimic it and end up with cartoon eyebrows.  Contouring and highlighting is another example – a great technique when its used in the right way, but applying it the same way to every face just doesn’t work (I’ve learned that the hard way).  And as nice as furry lips may look on a model, it’s not exactly something that you’re going to be wearing on the street.  A look should be a representation of you, and you should feel comfortable wearing it.  You wear the fashion, the fashion doesn’t wear you!

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