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Milani Cosmetics Review

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In my city, we have one drugstore that sells a very limited amount of Milani Cosmetics, so when I get a chance to go to the U.S., I make sure I swing by the local Walmart where they usually sell a few more items.


I have had the chance to try the MOISTURE LOCK OIL INFUSED LIP TREATMENT in the “Repairing Primrose” and I got to say, I’m pretty impressed.  I can’t really say whether it has any long term effect, but I do think it is very hydrating and soothing, and it leaves a nice shine on the lips.

The doe applicator is a bit wider and stiffer than most, but it works fine for application.  Since its made from Rose Hip Oil, the lip treatment has a mild floral scent.   Rose Hip Oil is considered to be anti-aging because of the vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids in it.  It’s said to reduce fine lines and has healing properties.

This product also has a variety of other oils that are great for the skin, hair and health, such as; Camellia, Olive, Coconut, Avocado, Jojoba, and Sweet Almond Oil.  This lip oil also comes in 8 treatments for US $8 each:


IMG_0325I also got myself one of the Milani BELLA EYES® GEL POWDER EYESHADOW in “Bella Bronze”.  The brand sells 23 colours in these shadows, but unfortunately, the Walmart I was at only carried 6 more neutral shades.  I actually bought the “Bella Bronze” thinking it had a red undertone, but there is very little red in it – so that kind of disappointed me, but the shade is extremely pigmented and has a very pretty bronze sheen to it that almost borders on a foil finish.  It also blends out well with a flatter finish, but you definitely want to use a light hand when applying it as a transition shade – as you’ll see from the pictures below.  The single shadows sells for US $5.

The last product of theirs that I wanted to talk about was the one I was most excited about: AMORE MATTE METALLIC LIP CRÈME in “Pretty Problematic”.

When I first saw this shade, I didn’t even realize it was a metallic, I just really liked the deep burgundy colouring.  After testing it on my arm, I had to see how it looked on the lips.  The colour reminded me of of crushed velvet.

The lipstick has a strong vanilla smell.  It goes on nice and smooth and doesn’t feel to dry on the lips.  It applied very clean along the outside of my lips and I didn’t notice any huge feathering.  The colour is very rich, but I applied more than one layer because the first layer really brought out wrinkles in my lips and the second seemed to smooth them out more.

I wouldn’t say this lipstick has a lot of longevity though.  Within 2 hours, I noticed the colour was coming off around the inner parts of my lips, but reapplication went on smoothly, and I don’t mind reapplying because I love the effect.  The Amore Matte Metallic Lip Creme comes in 15 shades and sells for US $9.

Below is a how the “Bella Bronze” Eyeshadow and “Pretty Problematic” Lip Colour look on skin.  Like I said, go light with the eye shadow (you can see why, lol).






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