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Green and Gold

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The Vasanti Tinseltown Palette and a desire to see if I could make Green eyeshadow work on me.

Get the Look:


I kept it simple, folks.  This would look great against Hazel and Brown Eyes.


  1. First, I picked up colour 4 and went in above the crease.
  2. I applied colour 3 into the crease.
  3. I covered the lid by packing on the green.
  4. I blended all the edges until they appeared soft and carried the green into the crease on top the brown.
  5. I applied the 2nd colour to the center of my lids to add some highlight
  6. Dark brown eyeliner was applied to the top and bottom lids
  7. I used the green across the bottom eyeline, below the brown.
  8. Finally, I added mascara, a dark-red lipstick, and a touch of blush.



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