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“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” ― Kahlil Gibran

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Arabian Nights


Well I am way to fair skinned to properly pull off the Arabian princess look.  But these colours sparked a vision of a sunset in the desert.

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France Makes Giant Leap in Fashion Modelling


This is a huge one folks.  In the country which is world renown for its fashion runways and trendsetting designs, a new law has been passed that may very well change the beauty world forever.

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*New* NeoStrata Anti-Aging Peel Solution

The latest at home, facial peel system has just showed up at my local drugstore.  It claims to be a one-step professional grade peel that’s safe enough for home use.  It boasts the ability to give you the look of younger skin by reducing fine lines and wrinkles; promoting skin elasticity and firmness; tightening and minimizing pores; smoothing skin texture; and encouraging skin absorption.  I decided to get a sample so I could give you some initial impressions.

I think its hard to give a fair and accurate review of the benefits of a skincare product after only one use, but this is a face peel, so it should have more dramatic results than other types of skincare products – and, at the very least I can give my initial impression and if I think it might be worth it or not.

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