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Maybeline Dream Velvet Foundation


Heads Up:

First thing I want to say is that I just found out that Maybelline is part of the L’Oreal brand, which is owned by Nestle.  I had purchased these products before knowing this.  I’m pretty disappointed, because I did like their products, but I’m currently boycotting Nestle due to unethical actions regarding water supplies.

As a devil’s advocate, I will say that they are not the only corporation that pumps large amounts of water, but they seem to be the worst offender involving their water collection, fair payment for the amount they take, and the impact they are having on communities.  Nestlé’s Chairman once infamously declared that “access to water should not be a public right.”

Water should not be considered a commodity, and governments should be taking a more active role in preventing corporations from taking advantage.  As tax payers, we should not be paying more for our water consumption than a company – which pays ridiculously low costs for our water and sells it back to us at ridiculously high prices.

Since not everybody will care about the Nestle business practices, I’m going to review the product without bias, however, if you want to be a more informed consumer, its easy to find information on Nestle’s unethical behavior involving water.

Website Links:

Ban the Bottle
Petition After Company Outbids Town For Water – Huffington Post
Take the Boycott Nestle Pledge

Brand: Maybelline
Product: Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation
Avg Cost: CA $13.96
Size: 30mL
Where To Buy: Walmart
CI 77891/TITANIUM DIOXIDE, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499/IRON OXIDES
Claim to Fame: Maybelline’s first soft-matte hydrating foundation: no drying, no roughness. Feels fresh as it covers.  Skin stays matte and hydrated

Hydrating matte finish, velvety smooth feel. Seamless coverage, it’s the perfect foundation for facing the world boldly.  *taken off Maybelline website.

First Impression:

I was finding my combination skin was getting a little more on the oily side, and I wanted to get a foundation that wasn’t going to make my face look greasy and patchy, so I decided to get a matte.

I didn’t have a lot of money, so I figured I’d head over to Walmart and see what my options were.  The Maybelline Dream Velvet line stood out above the rest.  I liked the advertising and marketing pictures, and the squeeze tube looked a lot more easy to keep in my purse.

There are 12 shades that range from the lightest, “Warm Porcelain” to a shade call “Coconut”.

swatchbThe texture of the product is mouse and I didn’t notice any overwhelming smell.  Also, I would definitely describe this foundation as full coverage.  It goes on very matte,  and it’s not over-drying.  I don’t think this would look good on dry skin though, because I think it would end up looking to dry and cakey.


Overall, the coverage and finish is really good.  I usually don’t contour or add blush, but I find it’s necessary with this foundation.  It doesn’t seem to hold up to heat or sweat very well though – it almost looks like the mixture separates and leaves bare patches, but that’s a common problem with a lot of foundations unless they are sweat proof.

And finally – and I’m guessing this is pretty obvious, but I’ll say it anyways – you won’t need a finishing powder with this foundation.

Lasting Impression:

The coverage of the product is not too shabby considering its a drugstore brand, and the price is pretty average with most other drugstore foundations.  It seems to last awhile, but I doubt its anywhere near twelve hours as it advertises- around five hours, I had to touch up in certain areas – but maybe it would stay on longer for normal skin type and not the oily/combination type.  I didn’t find it drying, and it didn’t cause my skin to break out like some other foundations tend to do.

I won’t be buying this product again, personally, but that’s not due to its quality.  If I were to judge on quality vs price, I would probably give it a 6 or 7 out of 10.



2 thoughts on “Maybeline Dream Velvet Foundation

  1. Great review! Also, thank you for sharing the information about Maybelline and L’Oreal. I’m not good at keeping updated and I appreciate people like you who inform people like me!

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