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Spring Flowers

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I used the BH Cosmetics 120 Palette 6th Edition to create a bright eyed shadow look in tribute to spring’s flowers.

Get the Look:

  • After applying foundation around the eyes and shaping and filling in your brows, apply a muted blue-grey(7E) shade as a transition.
  • Next, apply a bright pink(3E) to the outer corner of my eyelid, shimmer blue(7F) to the center of the eye, and shimmer lime green(8F) to the corner.
  • Blend and build each lid colour until you get the look you want.
  • Extend andblend the colours above the crease line towards the tail of the brow.
  • Add a highlight shimmer(4F) just below the brow line.
  • Finish applying the foundation and then underline the eyes with shade similiar to the ones applied to the eye, and use a white eyeliner on the wet line to make the eyes look wider.
  • *I left out mascara
  • *I finished the look off with a soft pink lipstick.

Spring Flowerb



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