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Happy Easter

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Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny!
I decided to have a little fun with some of the pastel shades in my BH 120 palette.


Get the Look:

  1.  Instead of defining my eyebrows, I added a concealer and white eyeliner to bleach them out as much as possible, because I wanted to make more of a rabbit shape to my face.
  2. A Robin Egg Blue(8E) was used for the transition shade.
  3. Pastel Purple(3F) was applied to the lid and carried up through the crease
  4. Above the crease line, I applied a darker purple(11C) and arched it in an egg shape, carrying the outline downwards and hooking it slightly above the cheekbone.
  5. Below the eye, I spread a light green(8F).
  6. Black eyeliner was used on the inner eye line and also very thinly on the bottom and top eyelines.
  7. Highlighter was added in the shape of the mask around the eyes.
  8. Pink blush was used to contour the cheek bones.
  9. The look was finished off with a bright fuchsia lipstick – “Oooh La La” by Coloured Raine.

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