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Ultra Matte Lipsticks by ColourPop

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Liquid Lipsticks

Parent Company:


Avg Cost:

US $6


.10 oz

Where To Buy:

ColourPop Website


*(ingredients vary based on colour)

Claim to Fame:

The company claims that Colourpop makeup is luxury makeup at affordable prices.  It is not tested on animals.    *”Dedicated to creating the best possible products in every shade imaginable”
*taken from:

First Response:

The website is very attractive and easy to use. The cost is moderate, and shipping charges are fair compared to most online companies.  The brand has a beautiful variety of colours in their eyeshadow and lip lines.   Colourpop is a reputable company with a large following, however the reviews are somewhat mixed online.  They do offer quite a few sales and deals throughout the year, making their products even more affordable.

I decided to give their ultra matte liquid lip shades a try because they seem to be getting a fair amount of notice, and I was in desperate need of a wider variety of lipstick.  I ordered 3 shades to start with:

  • 2 ultra metallic mattes – Flitter and Maneater
  • 1 ultra matte – Zipper

It took about 3 weeks to receive the products, which was about the estimated time given on the website. Apparently, the reason for this has to do with the product going through border customs and not the actual time it takes for the company to ship it out.
The lipsticks come sealed and packaged in individual white boxes, with the ColourPop logo embossed along the side, and the shade clearly printed on the flap.

I was very excited to get it and I immediately tested all 3 shades on my hand;

I thought I would be most excited by the metallics, but Zipper was just such a beautiful shade.  It was a deep purple, with a fuchsia undertone that peeks out at certain angles.  Next, I tried on the shades.  ColourPop recommends that you use the product on clean, dry lips and that you use the Lippie Primer they sell to improve the finish and comfort.  

I did not have the primer.   The formula is thicker for the metallics and more watery for the regular matte.   I found I had to put about 3 coats on for each to cover the lips completely without streaks or patches.  Until it completely dries it can smear very easily, and once it smears it is not easy to wipe off.  I didn’t notice much feathering from the application.  The Zipper colour was a very rich and vivid shade, but I didn’t like the two metallics.  The gold tones did not seem to go with my pale complexion and when they dried down to a matte, my lips looked really aged and unhealthy.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was my first time trying on a matte lipstick, and I was definitely not prepared for the removal.

To remove Matte Lipsticks, use a small dab of an oil –  such as olive, mineral or coconut – and then wipe off. 

When I removed the product it smeared across my chin and was extremely hard to get off.  It lead to a couple of months of me attempting to get a severe acne breakout under control.

Lady vs Acne – Battle Royale

Lasting Impression:

Like I said before, the metallic lipsticks just didn’t work on me.  The formula dehydrated my lips and the shine of the metallic accentuated the wrinkles.  I wasn’t happy with the way they dried down or how dry they felt on my lips.  I don’t think I’ve worn them out since purchasing.  I also find it really hard to match the metallics with my eye makeup.  I found that it was best to keep my eyes as simple as possible – letting the primary focus be on the lips.

The formula of the other matte lipstick, Zipper, was a bit better but was still dry.  The colour of this shade is so gorgeous that it almost makes up for the wear.  I just fell in love with it.   I  am constantly trying to wear this lipstick out, which led to a very awkward public speaking moment.  Still, I haven’t given up on it and I’m trying it with a base matte colour to increase longevity.  

*Oddly enough, the metallics are considered best sellers and Zipper is not.

Overall, I think I would give this brand another try if I found a good sale on it, but I don’t know if I would consider the quality to be as good as a lot of other matte lipsticks that are out on the market.  I think if you want to have a wider variety of colours and don’t want to spend a fortune, then this is the line for you.  However, if you’re picky about textures and longevity, you may want to consider spending the extra money to get a higher quality lip brand.

Brand Wishlist: 

  • Ultra Satin Lipstick in TooLips and FricknFrack
  • Lippie Stix in Baewatch, Climax, Leather






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